Baby James is back home

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Baby James is finally back home after 10 months in Singapore.

He came back with his mammy about 2 weeks ago. Sadly he brought with him "hands feet and mouth" decease and started showing signs soon after we arrived.

It lasted for a good 10 days, we all got it. It was really hard. Baby James was very upset by the change of location and the decease. He didn't eat very much for a while.

He has now completely recovered and is settling down in his new home. He is growing and learning so fast it is amazing. Every day he learns something new.

This week-end we went to our NCT friends party for their baby's 1 year birthday. It was great fun and we all had a good time. Thanks a lot guys.

I have uploaded a few pictures from the party see baby James photo section:

Don't forget to tell us which picture you like best using the star rating and of course you can leave a little comment if you feel inspired.



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